Handover and DLP

Idama assists clients in ensuring effective and seamless handover from the contractors to the landlords and through to owners/ residents. Idama also ensures continuity of operations during the handover period as well as the Defect Liability Period (DLP) by managing contractual relationships and service delivery with contractors and specialized system providers.

Handover Process Management

Before Idama manages the handover of the community it ensures and important facilities management pre-requisites are in place and active. For the safety and security of the occupants of the community or development, Idama makes sure all details on the built environment are ready for use.

  • Engineering review and reporting
  • Project documentation review and organisation
  • Handover process regulations review and reporting

Snagging Survey and Reporting

Idama ensures that process of defect identification and resolution is completed as the built environment is being prepared for occupation. Carried out by experienced engineering teams, the process ensures that the occupants experience minimum or zero defects when using the facility.

  • 360° site surveyance
  • Technical facility room inspection and assessment.
  • Facility review and reporting

DLP Management

During the defect liability period, Idama works with as well as manages contractors and OEM’s to ensure all contractual maintenance obligations are adhered to including preventive and reactive maintenance.