Advisory Services

Engaging Idama at an early stage in the planning, design and construction of new developments ensures more efficient build processes and future-proof assets. Idama consultants enable clients to address all Facilities Management requirements from the physical infrastructure, systems and technology to operational functionality and return on investment.

Idama’s FM consultancy solutions enable clients to assess and forecast their facilities management requirements in core areas, including security, fire and safety, energy management, environmental aspects and building management systems.


From concept and design stage through to building operations, Idama empowers its clients to assess and forecast requirements in core areas, ensuring the built environment is optimised, efficient and sustainable throughout its life cycle.

  • Strategic FM review
  • FM design guidelines and operational strategies
  • Life cycle modeling and costing
  • Service charge modeling and calculation
  • Maintainability and operations reviews

Construction and Transition

As a community is being developed and prepared for occupancy, Idama provides solutions that will help establish the facilities strategies, infrastructure, legislative and mandatory operating frameworks. Idama facilitates the development of appropriate operating management systems, customer maintenance and customer relationship management integration frameworks, service delivery lines, performance measures and implementation plans.

  • FM Operations Modeling
  • Transition Modeling
  • Implementation Management